Our elected officials must do a better job of being active leaders and advocating for equitable policies that work for all Wisconsinites, not just an elite few. No matter our background, the color of our skin, or our place of worship, we all contribute to the success of our community. We need representation that reflects our values of inclusion, connection, and shared prosperity. 


As your representative, Kristina Shelton will represent your values and engage in open dialogue about the challenges our community is facing. By voting for Kristina, you are joining in our call for a more democratic future in Wisconsin!    

Public Education

Core Value: All Wisconsinites deserve access to fully funded, high-performing public education, including college and technical training. 


It is crucial that we reinvest in public education by keeping the state’s promise to provide two-thirds funding for school districts. Funding special education and mental health services will help to meet the basic needs of marginalized students and close the achievement gap among students of color. Wisconsin must also sunset the state voucher program that sends over $350 million of our tax dollars to private schools without oversight, accountability, or protections for students and teachers.


Recruiting and retaining diverse teachers by improving working conditions will help maintain the world-class education students need to thrive in the workforce.


Core value: Healthcare is a human right. 

There is much we can do at the state level to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for Wisconsinites. By expanding Badgercare, we can improve healthcare access for 82,000 people, and reduce the disparities for patients of color. Through investing in preventative healthcare, including drug treatment and mental health services, we can make our community and economy healthier. 


Prescription drug costs have become an emergency. Wisconsinites should never have to choose between medicine or groceries. This can be fixed by electing candidates that know the damage of putting profit above people.


Kristina understands that reproductive care is healthcare. She is committed to protecting reproductive rights for Wisconsin women, and ensuring that the full scope of sexual health services are accessible to all. Through      collaboration and proactive legislation, our state government can improve the quality of maternal health and save women’s lives. 

Climate Change & Environmental Justice

Core Value:  All Wisconsinites deserve to live, play, and work in an environment free from pollution,      with water, land, and air that supports comprehensive health, well-being, and economic livelihood. 


Nurturing our environment is a priority all Wisconsinites share -- it’s what makes our state unique. The environment is even more important at this moment in our state’s history, and naming climate change is a vital part of the solution.  Green Bay is already feeling the effects of climate change and we need legislators who take charge to protect our water, air, and public lands. 


As water levels continue to rise, state government will be responsible for finding new ways to protect our community from flooding and pollution. Environmental justice starts with us.

Labor and Economic Development

Core Value: All working men and women deserve a job, a living wage, and a union. 


Everyone employed in Wisconsin should be treated with dignity and respect in their workplace. This starts with providing fair pay and making sure there are enough jobs available for those who want to work. All workers must be able to organize for better contracts and it is time for the state to recommit to protecting these rights.    


By developing living wage standards and focusing economic development on what’s good for local workers and local businesses, Wisconsin will see people leave for opportunities out of state. We can help our young people see a future for themselves in the place in which they grew up     . 


Core Value: Communities thrive when we invest in the things we share. 

Green Bay is a large and growing city, and all residents of the 90th district benefit from good roads, dignified housing, convenient transit, and vibrant public spaces. Kristina      will advocate for our city in Madison, ensuring that North-East Wisconsin continues to be a great place to live. 


Increasing the number of residents in our community ensures a lower individual tax burden. As our city expands, we need to invest in housing that works for everyone at all stages of life. By doing so, we can open up the housing market to more families, and protect vulnerable communities from housing insecurity.