Information for Voters

Kristina Shelton is the current Representative for the 90th District in the Wisconsin State Assembly. The 90th includes most of the city of Green Bay. She is running for re-election in 2022.


Safety of our community is our top priority. All voters should plan ahead and make sure their ballot is received by the City Clerk by November 3. Request your ballot be mailed to you in time to vote.

Register to Vote

No matter who you support or what you believe, voting is the best way to make your voice heard. You can register to vote online in Wisconsin. You can also register in person at your polling place on election day, but it's better to take care of it beforehand if you can.

Update Your Voting Information

If you've changed your name or moved house since the last time you voted, you'll need to update your information on the MyVote website or in person on election day.

Voter ID

In Wisconsin, you'll need to show identification such as a Wisconsin drivers license, US passport, or tribal ID when you go to vote. A list of accepted forms of ID is available. 

Good to Know

  • You can't be turned away from the polls. If there's an issue with your registration, ask to submit a provisional ballot.

  • Your employer is required to give you unpaid time off to vote.

  • You can vote early in person at your city or village hall, or by requesting a ballot be mailed to you. 

  • Children are welcome at polling places and can even come into the booth while you're voting.

Re-elect Kristina Nov. 8 2022

Are You in the 90th? 

Type your address into the search bar on the district map to check

Who's on the ticket? 

These are the other Democrats running to represent residents of the 90th: