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Power to the People 


It's time to renew and revitalize Wisconsin's progressive history.

In 2021, I introduced a framework for reimagining Wisconsin as a state that puts people and our planet first. The Economic Justice Bill of Rights engages our collective imaginations and encourages people to join us in transforming our state for the better.

Economic justice is at the center of our movement. 

Learn more about the Economic Justice Bill of Rights

Meet Kristina Shelton

Representing Wisconsin's 90th Assembly District. 

Kristina Shelton is a Democratic Assembly Representative serving the 90th Assembly District in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She is running for her re-election in 2022.

As a legislator, she believes in an active and vibrant democracy that gives a voice to every resident, family, and worker. 

She lives on the east side of Green Bay with her two kids, Sara and Keith, and her husband Jon.

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